Empty snippet and shortcode placeholder

Intended for intermediate and advanced users.

This is an empty plugin. Its sole purpose is to be a theme-independent placeholder for your code snippets and shortcodes. It does not contain any php code but the minimal amount of text required by WordPress.

It is the equivalent of editing the theme functions.php file.

This is a download plugin only, it is not registered in the WordPress plugin repository because it is.. well.. empty.

Plugin name W3examples.com snippet placeholder

/related example - Installing plugins/

/Download link for the .zip file - Download/
Note ! - It is advisable to test your code snippets and shortcodes on a local wordpress installation or development website first. A single mistake will break down both the admin area and the website itself. A quick repair is possible via FTP by remaining the plugin folder located at wp-content\plugins  
After you've successfully activated the plugin, go to Plugins - Editor
Select W3examples.com snippet placeholder and click Select
Make sure this file is selected for editing
You can start pasting the code from the red arrow below. Click Update to confirm the changes.
Note ! - all function names must be with unique names. If you have the same function in the theme functions.php file, an error will occur. Make sure you move the code snippets from it (if you have custom ones already that is).