How to install wordpress locally


Using wordpress locally on your computer has many advantages. You can safely try any new updates, themes or plugins without breaking your website. We'll use wampserver which will install a web server - Apache - and a database - MySql + phpMyAdmin

Download and install Wampserver. The default install location is c:\wamp and the root directory of the web server is - c:\wamp\www - the local machine address - http://localhost  
Note - When wampserver is starting and you have Skype running, the web server will not start. This Skype option must be unchecked.
Download wordpress - Wordpress. Unpack it in a sub-folder of the web server's one( for instance c:\wamp\www\wordpress)  
Let's create a new database for wordpress. Open phpMyAdmin - accessible through left-clicking the wampserver icon in the system tray.
Click Databases, enter a name for the wordpress database and click Create
Go to http://localhost/wordpress to start the installation process  
Click Create a Configuration File and enter the database data
Enter a title for the blog and create an admin profile
You should be good to go - the admin panel is at