Installing Wordpresss on your hosting account

Go to and download the .zip file.
Unpack the .zip file (the file contains a root wordpress folder).
Using FTP (we're using FileZilla in every example) upload the content of the wordpress folder onto your hosting account. Select all files and folders in the wordpress folder, right-click and select Upload.
Note! - In this example I have created and uploaded the files to a subfolder of the root one - myblog. Wordpress will be accessible through - (1). If you want wordpress on - - upload it in the root folder (2).
Log into your cPanel . We'll create a new database (if you already have one set up, you can use it). Go to - MySql Databases, type in a name for the database and click Create Database
Type in a user name and password and click Create User. Select the newly created user and database, click Submit and then select ALL PRIVILEGES
It's time to start the installation. Go to , click Create a Configuration File and enter the database details. Note that you can change the table prefix.
On the next page enter your admin user and site name and you're ready to go. You can log into the blog at -